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Another couple of pages.  Naturally I have only photographed the pages I like.  Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to post the uglies too.  First I have to accept that they exist!  Some of the collage elements on the Crazy Love page came from Kelly Kilmer.  I took one of her on-line journaling classes and she gave the class collage pages.  The other page was a result of testing various pens and inks I have in my stash to see how they felt to write with and how waterproof the ink was.  I also played with an edge punch on this page.  It's kind of a messy page but I like it for some reason.  I have a terrible time finding pens I like for journaling.  Half of the ones I try won't write over paint and glue.  Most of them aren't waterproof and I always end up regretting that fact.  The best pen I've found so far is my Copic marker but I don't like the chisel tip or the brush tip for most things.  I bought a fine point Copic pen but it doesn't seem to work as well.  Other artists swear by this pen or that but I have not had such good results.  Maybe it's because I live in such a dry climate.  There's nothing like an early morning blog ramble about pens huh?