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marbled fabric

I was too busy to work!

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Have you ever had a friend that moved away?  After a while you realized that you haven't called or written, and you feel so bad about it that you don't know what to say, so you don't call or write?  Next thing you know its been ten years.  That is sort of my relationship with this blog.  LOL!

Lest you think I developed a horrible lazy streak in 2014 I thought I'd fill you in on my busy year.  The truth is, I took too many classes! I was so busy working on projects I began in one class or another that I only got one piece of work finished.  I took classes on dying silk organza, marbling fabric and paper, learning from your own work, deconstructed screen printing, turning a watercolor painting into a quilt, making mixed media journals, and intuitive painting.  Whew!  I came out of all of that with some lovely pieces of fabric designed by Moi that I am excited to use in future projects.  Here is a little collage of some of the fabric I marbled:

I played in my art journal and spent quite a little bit of time working on a piece about gothic windows.  The windows piece hit a wall I couldn't get around so I put it on hold for a while so I could work on this piece below.  This one was accepted into both the Creation Health art exhibit being sponsored by the Adventist Hospitals and also the Front Range Contemporary Quilters online portfolio for 2015.  This is hand dyed (not by me) cotton, fused and machine quilted.

I am in the middle of working on a piece that I wanted to enter into a competition but the work is going slowing and I won't make the deadline.  I've also started a piece for a challenge with one of my critique groups.  We challenged ourselves to make something using some of our hand dyed/painted fabrics.  At some point I will find time to take some pictures.  Maybe.