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New website and blog!

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Welcome to my new website and blog!  After much prodding from a good friend, I finally got around to updating my on-line presence.  It is my hope that the new web site will prove to be a more professional way to present my art portfolio.  I kind of doubt I'll ever be an amazing blogger, but I do enjoy the chance to include more information about what I'm up to than the web site alone would afford me.  So!  On to business as it were!

The early part of this year I was busy with art journaling and I do not yet have photos to share.  As always, I got back around to mixed media art quilting and this is what I was working on:

Sorry for the somewhat blurry photo!  I have this opinion that "in progress" shots are not worth setting up the tripod.  I think I need to look into a better camera because if I don't use the tripod with this camera, I get blurry pictures.  Anyway, last year when I took the workshop with Sue Benner I cut out about a million pieces of prefused fabric in blue, gold, and olive green.  Since I had so many left over from the previous two projects, I decided to go for a third!  I did add some fusible to an inner office envelope for variety, and I spray painted through alphabet stencils to create the lettered fabric.  To make the green spirals I took pieces of green fabrics and fused them into a square shape.  Then I used a rotary cutter and cut the square on the bias to make multi colored strips of green.  I've done a little monoprinting and splattering with acrylic paint.  I was considering giving up on this project because my stitching came out much wonkier that I liked, but I've shown the piece to several people and they all think the wonky stitching goes well with the general wonkiness of the piece, so I guess I'll go ahead and finish it.

There is more to come on other projects in process, but one blog post at a time!  Thanks for stopping by.