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Shoe Shots Blog Hop

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While reading Lynn Krawczyk's blog I came across a post about a blog hop being sponsored by the Fly Tribe blog.  I've been admiring Lynn's Where I Stand Sunday blog posts and wanting to do something similar but not wanting to be a total copycat!  Here is my chance to play!  I guess lots of people out there are photographing their feet so I won't be alone in copy catting.  This is a pic of my feet in my ratty old slippers in my studio.  The floor is covered with bits and pieces from an art quilt I just finished.  There are so many bits leftover that I plan to try another project using the scraps and I've been sorting them into sizes.  My studio table is not very large so a lot of stuff gets "sorted" onto the floor.  It looks like a bomb went off in here much of the time!  There is comfort and warmth in the slippers and the golden oak floors that make up my favorite space.  Most of my personal time is spent wearing these slippers in this room so it is a fitting first photo of my feet.  (Try reading those last few words out loud.  Several times.  Fast.  Guaranteed to make you laugh).