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Serendipity Papers

"serendipity papers"Ronni HunterComment

This is the freezer paper on top of my worktable.  I just love the randome marks and colors left behind from other projects. Someone coined the term "serendipity papers" to describe this sort of thing.  I'd credit that person but I've read the term in several books and don't know who said it first.  I'm thinking about ways that papers like this could be used in future projects.  Printed out on silk and stitched, used as a background for digital collage..... I also save all my paper towels which come out so beautiful sometimes.  Unfortunately I get caught up in worrying about using paper towels in various art projects because they are not archival and are not overly durable.  This is just one of the many ways I contrive to let the Resistance Monster have its way.