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Strathmore Visual Journaling Workshop 1, week 2

"Strathmore Visual Journaling Workshops"Ronni HunterComment

The visual journaling workshop homework this week consisted of adding charcoal and oil pastel shadows to our collaged work.  After that we were to add watered down gesso and another layer of oil pastel.  Before I got started with my homework I decided to add a couple of hearts using more of the background I copied and printed and used for the "ground" last week.  I have a vague idea for flowers or something I suspect will be silly and insipid but cute anyway.  Sadly week 2 did not turn out so well for me.  When I collaged the elements in week one I used gel medium and a brush and didn't worry about getting gel outside the edges of the collaged papers.  After all, it dries clear and can be worked over right?  Well the charcoal and oil pastel don't look so hot over the brush strokes left in the gel medium and the whole thing ended up looking kind of dirty.  However, I have faith that this piece can still be worked into something worthwhile.  And after all, the point of taking this workshop was to learn and have fun so I know I will succeed.