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Strathmore Visual Journaling Workshop 1, week 1

"Strathmore Visual Journaling Workshops"Ronni HunterComment
Strathmore Artist Paper is offering three free visual journaling workshops to promote their new line of mixed media workbooks.  The instructors are terrific and hey, it's free!  The first workshop is being taught by Pam Carriker.  This is the start to my first journal page made for the workshop.  We are supposed to be recycling our own artwork for use in new ways but I didn't have anything I liked well enough to recylce except for a background I created but haven't used yet.  The collaged element at the bottom of the page is from a printout of that background.  Everything else is cut from magazines.  We will be adding more to the page in weeks to come so hopefully this will become more "mine" as I go.  I chose to work in a smaller book so the pages wouldn't take so long to complete and since the page was small I decided not to add to much to it at this stage.